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The Orchestra Players Handbook


The Augusta Symphony Orchestra is a nonprofit community orchestra providing affordable live classical music in the central Maine region.   We provide an educational service to both members and the community. 


The Augusta Symphony Orchestra is comprised of adult members and qualified youth.  On occasion students of the Pineland Suzuki School, members of the Maine Youth Orchestra, and other young people are invited to join the orchestra for rehearsals and performances.


Complete the player application, available at

Read and follow The Orchestra Players handbook.


Rehearsals are held each Wednesday at a time specified on the website.  Rehearsals are at the South Parish Congregational Church, 9 Church Street, Augusta, Maine.  Please show up early to help set up and stay a little late to help return the space to its original condition.   Players are expected to be warmed up, tuned and ready to play by 7:00 PM.   

Performances:  Attendance at dress rehearsals and performances is EXPECTED!  Concert attire is dress black. 


As a member of the Augusta Symphony Orchestra there are certain responsibilities that you have:

SHOW UP!  You’ve made a commitment to play with this organization.  Your attendance at rehearsals and concerts is important!  Please, do your 100% best to attend.

If you can’t attend, responsd to the weekly email about practice and your section leader with as much notice as possible.
Members should be set up, tuned and ready to rehearse at 7 PM.
Please come early to help set up and stay a few minutes late to return chairs to their location.

PRACTICE!  Rehearsal is not the time or place for members to learn the music.  If our conductor has to work through the rhythm with a section during rehearsal, that takes time away from what he should be doing – phrasing, interpretation, balance, etc.  Members are expected to devote time at home to learn and practice their parts.  Practice at home so we can focus on the complete movements rather than working out individual parts.  If you have questions about a particular section ask your stand partner or section leader for clarification first.  
CONTRIBUTE!  A community orchestra costs money.  The ASO is an independent, non-profit organization funded by ticket sales (many concerts have free admission), donations, and special fundraising activities.  Each member is EXPECTED to contribute $100 per year or $50 per “season” (Fall or Spring).  If financial contribution is difficult, contact a board member.  The Augusta Symphony Orchestra is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.   Additional deductible options for supporting the orchestra include:

Additional individual contributions or sponsorships
Selling advertisements for our programs ($50 to $250)
Soliciting donations from others (any amount helps)
Producing or donating materials for an auction/fundraiser. 

Information and materials on how to sell advertising or contribute typically is discussed at the beginning of the season.

Checks should be made out to Augusta Symphony Orchestra and may be mailed to Augusta Symphony Orchestra, PO Box 5694, Augusta, ME 04332

TAKE CARE OF THE MUSIC!  A major expense for the orchestra is the purchase or rental of music.  Members should be mindful that the music issued to them is the property of the ASO or the lending institution.  Any rehearsal marks should be made only with an erasable pencil.  Music must be returned at the close of each concert.

Any member of the ASO with a concern, a problem, or a suggestion about rehearsals, concerts, music selection, etc., is urged to bring the matter to the attention of a board member. Questions regarding technical aspects of the music (such as rhythm or fingering) should be asked to your stand mate or section leader, and if needed the conductor.


With greatness comes responsibility!  There are section leaders for woodwinds, brass, upper strings, and lower strings.  As section leader you should:

Lead your section!   
Coordinate players to have parts covered.
Discuss attendance issues with players.  If they are not showing up, remind them gently that they need to.
Answer questions about rhythm, etc., for your section
In strings, provide suggested bowings and fingerings

Section Leaders include:

Violins and Violas: Betsy Kobyashi

Cellos and Basses: Kristi Spilde

Woodwinds: Mark Marshall;

Brass: Lee Lenfest


The Board of Directors administers the business details of the ASO and includes player representatives elected by orchestra.  The board meets once a month, usually on the second Wednesday of the month.  Meetings are open to any interested person. 

The Board is composed of:
President: Joe Begenwald (Trumpet)

 Lee Lenfest (Horn)

Tom Simones

Secretary: Nate Saunders (Violin)

Phil Tedrick (Violin)

Financial Officer: Syd Sewall (Violin) Treasurer

Anja Parlin (Cello)

Jeff Grosser (Violin)

Chris Falcone (Bassoon)

Myra Broadway (Clarinet)>

Chris Lansley (Flute)

Ralph Turner (Tuba) Representing Kennebec Performing Arts Company (KPAC) board

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Dedicated to enriching the arts community, by delivering the music of talented musicians to the public.
Augusta Symphony Orchestra

First Rehearsal of the fall Season: (Spring 2020) JANUARY 8th 7PM South Parish Church in Augusta.

Marge Grover Room. You will need to bring Stands and maybe a stand light.

Parking in front of church, beside, and behind with fill over at the library across the street.