Ways to Contribute to the Augusta Symphony Orchestra (ASO)

1. Corporate Sponsor (one-time or annual)

2. Individual Patron/Donor (one-time or annual)

3. Advertiser in the Concert Program (one-time or annual)

4. Sponsor of an individual expense such as:

Funding the ASO Centennial Season 2020 ($12,000)

A concert season ($10,000)

Funding the conductor for a season ($8,400)

Opening for the season Sponsor/Donor celebration ($5000)

Funding a promotional video of the ASO ($4000)

A single concert ($3000)

Funding the practice and performance venue for the year ($2400)

Funding the concert mistress and two payed players ($2000/yr.)

Funding a concerto soloist for a concert ($2000)

Sponsor a seat of your choice in the orchestra ($1000)

Music rental for a piece or for a season ($1000-2000) you choose the piece

ASO merchandise (t-shirts, etc.) with recognition “Brought to You by ”donor” ($2000)

ASO Advertising for a season (concert program, newspaper) ($1000)

Refreshments at a concert or for a season ($100-400)

Collaborative Organizations


- South Parish Church

Augusta Symphony Orchestra

If you'd like to donate and help support our operations, please visit ourGoFundMePage!

Dedicated to enriching the arts community, by delivering the music of talented musicians to the public.

Please support those who support classical music in Maine

Thank you to some of our Corporate Sponsors!

  • Kennebec Savings Bank
  • J.S.McCarthy Printers
  • Maine Natural Gas
  • Camden National Bank
  • Walmart (Augusta)