Ways to Contribute to the Augusta Symphony Orchestra (ASO)

1. Corporate Sponsor (one-time or annual)

2. Individual Patron/Donor (one-time or annual)

3. Advertiser in the Concert Program (one-time or annual)

4. Sponsor of an individual expense such as:

Funding the ASO Centennial Season 2020 ($12,000)

A concert season ($10,000)

Funding the conductor for a season ($8,400)

Opening for the season Sponsor/Donor celebration ($5000)

Funding a promotional video of the ASO ($4000)

A single concert ($3000)

Funding the practice and performance venue for the year ($2400)

Funding the concert mistress and two payed players ($2000/yr.)

Funding a concerto soloist for a concert ($2000)

Sponsor a seat of your choice in the orchestra ($1000)

Music rental for a piece or for a season ($1000-2000) you choose the piece

ASO merchandise (t-shirts, etc.) with recognition “Brought to You by ”donor” ($2000)

ASO Advertising for a season (concert program, newspaper) ($1000)

Refreshments at a concert or for a season ($100-400)

If you'd like to donate and help support our operations, please visit ourGoFundMePage!

Please support those who support classical music in Maine

  • Kennebec Savings Bank
  • JSMcCarthy Printers
  • Maine Natural Gas
  • Camden National Bank

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Augusta Symphony Orchestra